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A Handicap Accessible City of Angels

Posted on: November 17th, 2011 by LAMedicalBlogger

Where do you like to go in town that is accessible and enjoyable?  Have you ever been charged more for a handicap accessible hotel room?  Have you ever taken action against someone illegally using a handicap parking space?  Have you received outstanding service in a local business in relation to being wheelchair-bound?  We want to hear your stories on wheelchair accessibility in Los Angeles!

In the state of California, Title 24 of the California Building Standards Code states that public accommodation businesses need to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state statutes which are said to cover most areas of accessibility.  This basically means that if your business serves the public in the form of a store, restaurant, hotel, movie theater, school or other public business, you have certain requirements with both physical location and employment.

If local businesses are accessible, what about your local parks and beaches?  We have found several great resources individuals looking for a more accessible City of Angels.  Take a look at our list below and let us know your experiences with accessibility!

California Accessibility Resources:

California Coastal Commission

Los Angeles Tourist Guide

Disabled Travelers


If you have other great wheelchair accessible resources, please share!

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