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Heat Therapy: A Post-Holiday Cure

Posted on: December 27th, 2011 by LAMedicalBlogger

If you spent Christmas morning cranking your neck to see every family member opening presents simultaneously or carrying that new, larger-than-life doll house to an upstairs bedroom or pushing a new, 24-bottle wine fridge to the entertainment room, your muscles may be aching.  You even could be experiencing muscle soreness from simply being stressed out and “tightly wound” during the holidays.  Try heat therapy using our Therma Moist Heating Pads to ease the pain.

When you apply heat to a part of your body, it can actually decrease stiffness, increase flexibility and relieve pressure on your joints through stretching the soft tissue that surrounds them.  Applied heat increases flow of oxygen and other important nutrients to your muscles by dilating blood vessels in your muscles.  Heat even provides stimulation for your skin’s sensory receptors which stops signals of pain from traveling to the brain.

Our Heating Pads:

At LA Medical Retail, we carry two different sizes in heating pads; 14” X 27” and 7” X 15”.  Our larger heating pad is meant to be used for larger muscle groups like the back, , shoulders, torso or abdomen.  The smaller heating pad works well for targeted muscles in your neck, legs or arms.  Both heating pads have Velcro closures, use hand controls for heat and time settings, use moist therapy and have an outer flannel cover to retain humidity.

We carry moist heat products as opposed to dry heat because dry heat draws moisture out of the body causing the skin to be dry and dehydrated.  In our experience, moist heat provides better pain relief and leaves the skin moisturized.

Order your heating pad from LA Medical today and give your muscles a rest.

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