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For Love of the Standard Manual Wheelchair

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

The world of mobility is ever evolving and wheelchair functions are reaching new heights.  However, even with the amazing new capabilities of power

mobility, we still have many customers that are a perfect fit for power mobility, but prefer their old, reliable, standard manual wheelchair.

These lightweight, foldable mobility devices have been around since 1933 when mechanical engineers Harry Jennings and Herbert Everest invented the first x-brace, collapsible wheelchair which is still the design most commonly used today.

There are three main reasons you still see standard manual wheelchairs everywhere, instead of users adapting to the new technology of power wheelchairs:

  1. When a patient needs a wheelchair temporarily, it makes much more sense to be using a manual wheelchair to avoid the training and expense of power mobility.
  1. Manual wheelchairs are also great to have on hand in case of an emergency such as the common scene of a woman in labor being whisked away in a manual wheelchair to the hospital or an athlete injures their ankle and needs to be removed from a sporting event.  For these reasons, businesses and recreation areas keep manual wheelchairs on hand.
  1. Finally, there are simply many users that don’t want to rely on an electrically-powered device to get them to where they need to go and they also don’t want to worry about traveling with such a heavy device.

Do you choose a manual wheelchair over a power wheelchair?

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