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Functional Features

Posted on: October 11th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

The word “features” is thrown around a lot these days for a wide variety of items you see in commercials or in ads on the internet. Features for most products are things that enhance the value or experience of the product, but aren’t necessary for the use of the product. The same can’t be said for power chairs, whose features are necessary and provide many different benefits for the user resulting in an easier life.

A power chair's versatility allows for great mobility indoors and out!

One of these benefits is the increased physical support from the custom options on a power chair. These include adjustable seat height for an optimal view, adjustable arm rests and leg rests for better positioning and comfort, as well as an adjustable back rest that can tilt to promote different seating positions to avoid pressure sores and ulcers.

Another benefit is increased mobility. Power chair users may have low mobility, but they may also have a physical disability or lack the upper body strength to propel themselves in a manual wheelchair. Power chairs can be moved by a control pad or joystick control. Some models are even powered by a mouthpiece, such as sip-puff controls.

Maneuverability is also a major benefit provided by power chairs. Power chairs have a smaller turning radius than a mobility scooter thanks to casters that swivel 180 degrees. This allows for accessibility in smaller spaces that is less troublesome than having to do a multiple-point turn in a manual wheelchair or scooter. Power chairs can also be driven over pretty much any terrain as most models have tires designed to stay inflated so that carpet, hardwood, grass, snow and gravel are no problem.

LA Medical offers many different models of these functional mobility aids, and can help you find the model that best fits your needs and your budget. So, check out our online catalog or give us a call today to see how he can help meet your mobility needs!

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