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Sticking Your Neck Out

Posted on: October 4th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

For me, seeing a neck injury in sports is one of the scariest things you can witness as a spectator and a fan. For example, just this last Sunday as I was watching a football game, a receiver went up to catch a pass and was undercut by a defender, causing him to land awkwardly on his neck. While he turned out to be okay, it was still a horrifying sight.

Neck pain from whiplash or another accident can be severely limiting and could result in further injury.

The truth is we are subject to many forces every day that can cause mild neck pain to severe injuries. Even just sleeping on our necks wrong causes us to be in pain all day. Just imagine the pain caused by whiplash or other sudden forces on our necks. For these times and injuries, cervical collars can provide stability and limited motion for recovery and protection against further injury.

Cervical collars are most often seen being used by medical personnel after a traumatic head or neck injury, like in football games or after a car crash. The risk of cervical fracture, spinal cord injury or paralysis makes stabilizing the neck a high priority. Cervical collars are also used for sprains or strains in the neck to help reduce range of motion.

Hard collars allow for no movement for rehabilitation, and are used for more severe neck injuries. Soft collars are used for more minor neck injuries such as muscle strains and neck sprains, and allow for a small amount of movement.

LA Medical offers both kinds of cervical collars to cover the wide range of neck injuries. When it comes to rehabilitating and protecting your neck and spinal cord, you cannot afford to take any chances. Browse through our catalog for our products that help protect this vital area of your body today!

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