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2 Surprisingly Simple and Affordable Keys to Greater Independence

Posted on: April 18th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Home medical equipment runs the gambit from large and complicated to some really cleaver and low cost items to assist you in your everyday lives.  Here are two products from LA Medical that you may have never thought about, but soon may never want to be without again.

For those in wheelchairs, a reacher can provide flexibility in difficult areas like the kitchen

For those in wheelchairs, a reacher can provide flexibility in difficult areas like the kitchen

Sometimes you don’t need more hands, you just need longer arms.  For people who use a wheelchair, are unable to stand carefully or just aren’t as tall as they need to be, a hand held reacher is a wonderful tool.  These collapsible reachers have a large trigger to squeeze on one end and a mechanical “hand” on the other. The trigger only requires 7 ounces of pressure to operate, so it’s great for people with arthritis and limited strength.

The gripping hand (or jaw) acts like your own hand with a similar grip size that can hold everything from medium size and weight objects all the way down to small, hard to reach items.  These reachers can be used by anyone and are great for reaching dropped items in hard to reach places where arms and hands can’t (or shouldn’t) go.  See one for yourself at LA Medical today.

A tisket, a tasket, you need a basket. Not just any basket, but a Winnie Wagon from LA Medical.  These sturdy, all-purpose carts have 4 rubber casters for a smooth ride and stability. You’ll find a thousand ways to use these practical carts from groceries and laundry to getting items from room to room and even outside.  These carts are great for people with limited strength or who only have use of one arm or hand. The 37 inch high handle makes the cart easy to pull or push.  It’s light enough to put in the car, but sturdy enough to get the job done.  Bring it to the beach, the farmers market or the mall to hold your purchases.  Come in to LA Medical for a “test drive” today.

These items and many others are available online and in our store. They would make great gifts for someone special or just for you.  We look forward to seeing you and helping you stay independent.

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