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5 Signs that You Need a Mobility Scooter

Posted on: April 11th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Is a mobility scooter right for you or an aging parent?  Are you or someone in your family struggling with getting around due to age or disease?  The decision to get a mobility scooter is not always an easy one.  Some may see it as a way to increase their independence while others see it as giving up on walking.

Mobility scooters provide a great way for those who have limitations to get around.

Mobility scooters provide a great way for those who have limitations to get around.

Here are some indicators that you may benefit from a mobility scooter from LA Medical.

Balance issues– Many people have trouble with balance as they age or because of certain diseases. Poor balance leads to falls that may lead to many more serious injuries, hospitalizations and even death.  Many older or disabled people will simply choose to limit their movements, stop moving around their houses and not go outside for fear of falling. This sedentary life leads to more problems with health, isolation and quality of life.

Frequent falls – Balance and falls go hand in hand, but poor eyesight, loss of sensation in the feet and legs and fast changes in blood pressure can also contribute to falls. Even if the falls are major, the fear of falling often causes people to stop walking.

Trouble getting up from a chair or bed– As we age or progress in our disease, we lose strength in our legs and getting out of a low, flat bed or chair can become difficult and even dangerous. The person who doesn’t have help getting up safely may stay in their bed or favorite chair longer and risk losing muscle or the development of pressure sores. Housekeeping stops and preparing meals doesn’t happen which can lead to more problems.

Trouble walking– Many people have trouble walking longer distances or for longer periods of time. Canes and walkers can help, but may not be enough or many people.  Once again, their world becomes smaller and smaller and quality of life declines.

Illness and treatments– The cures and treatments for some illnesses are as hard on the body as the disease itself. Surgeries can take months to recover from and chemotherapy can leave a person weak.  Certain diseases and conditions from arthritis to MS can also wear on the body and cause increasing weakness and problems. Staying active is often the best treatment for these recoveries, but that becomes impossible without a way to stay mobile.

LA Medical has mobility scooters in our online catalog and in our store and more available upon request. We can help you find the right scooter for you and your lifestyle; we’ll even help you find the right color.  Get moving with help from your friends at LA Medical!

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