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Gout’ta Here: Dealing with the Gout Pain in your Shoe

Posted on: October 24th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Do you know what the farthest body part away from your heart is? Amazingly, it’s your right big toe.  The knuckle part of your big right toe may be an issue for you down the road, but not limited to other joints like feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists, elbows and sometimes soft tissues and tendons.  Gout pain is like an inflammatory arthritis, but causes sudden pain, swelling and tenderness with the pain never seeming to go away.  LA Medical would like to explain more in depth about how you can deal with gout pain and the pain in your shoe.


Gout can become chronic and can affect the same area over and over again.  Gout, over time has been known as the “Disease of the Rich.” Years ago, the wealthy had access to wine and spirits that had been barreled which included lead.  When you consume any form of lead, your kidneys produce large amounts of uric acid, which finds a home in your joints. While in your joints, gout creates crystal-like needles that inflame the joint.

Make sure to watch your diet while dealing with gout.  Smoking potent cigars, eating rich steaks and drinking higher quality alcoholic beverages will not help your body fight off the uric acid, but sometimes create more, which will cause more gout pain.

Although gout doesn’t have a cure, it is the most treatable form of arthritis and pain. The easiest way to remove those “needles” is to see your doctor to remove access uric acid.  Pain medicine may help take the edge off, but it will still hurt to walk because of the swelling.  After you and your doctor come up with a treatment plan, it may take some time from a couple hours to a couple days for gout to disappear; but it may come back.

LA Medical hopes you’ll watch your diet as well as your feet to see if you have gout.  Check out our supply of daily living aids and homecare beds.

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