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Passing Down Valuable Information: Family Medical History

Posted on: October 31st, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Whenever you go to your doctor or specialist, you may be asked to update your medical profile.  This helps the doctors, specialists and nurses better understand your medical needs and have a better idea of your history.  Your history may include certain medications you’ve been on, injuries you may have had and family history.  LA Medical is celebrating Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week and talking about how family history affects medical conditions.

Family history and medical history go hand in hand.  This helps your doctors or specialists better understand your family’s medical history instead of individually evaluating them.  Some families share the same genetically matching diseases or disorders, like diabetes, where others could have a range of different diseases, like narcolepsy and heart disease.

Whenever you fill out your family medical history, make sure to be very informative. This helps doctors determine special treatments plans from rehabilitation, medications or a combination of things.

Family Tree/Medical History

Family members share genes, behaviors, lifestyles and environments that may influence their individual health and their risk of chronic diseases. The most common family-related diseases are cancer (various forms), coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.  If you have a close family member with a disease, you may have a higher risk of developing that disease than those without such a family member, according to the CDC.

Doctors are interested in three generations of your biological relatives. They would like to know the age of diagnosis and the age and cause of death for deceased family members. If you don’t know your family’s history, just ask! It’s helpful to talk with your family about health issues, record them and update your records from time to time.

LA Medical hopes you’ll initiate getting some of your family members together to discuss your family’s history.  LA Medical has you covered when it comes to bathroom safety and incontinence supplies.

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