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Archive for August, 2014

Creating a Wheelchair Accessible Home

Posted on: August 1st, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger

Whether you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, you are likely aware of the difficulties that can come with everyday life. Obtaining a wheelchair for the first time due to an injury, accident, or illness, can be a difficult adjustment. Losing the ability to move how you once did can cause grief and anger. These feelings are normal and you should allow yourself to feel them. LA Medical has wheelchairs, scooters, and walking aids to assist you however needed.  Here we have listed some of the most important home considerations to make.

Home modification tips.

A home may need some modifications to ensure the home is safe and wheelchair accessible.

  1. Wheelchair Accessible Doorways. When moving yourself or a loved one home with a new wheelchair, it is important to ensure the doorways and hallways are wide enough. A standard wheelchair will need 36 inches of space to fit comfortably though a door way.
  2. Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom. The bathroom is a place where accidents are likely to occur. With slippery surfaces and tight spaces, it is important to make adjustments as needed. A bath or shower chair can be of great use. They come as a chair or stool for the best fit in your specific shower. This will prevent any slipping or standing for a long period of time.
  3. Wheelchair Accessible Ramps. Moving from one place to the next can be difficult when confined to a wheelchair. Because of this, LA Medical provides ramps to ease your transportation. A suitcase ramp can be folded up into a case for easy transportation. It is used to ease wheelchair patients from one surface height to another. When moving through a doorway or uneven landing, a Threshold ramp can be used indoors or outdoors. It is lightweight and very durable. Another ramp to consider is the Trifold ramp. It folds in 3 sections and is an adequate length for wheelchairs to maneuver into vehicles or onto raised landings. With any of these we are confident you will have an easier time moving on uneven surfaces.

We hope by taking these steps into consideration during your adjustment period, you or your loved one will have an easier transition. We encourage you to be patient with a new wheelchair and allow yourself adequate time to adjust. LA Medical has products to convenience your life. Please don’t hesitate to call us today!