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Stretching Your Way To Wellness

Posted on: October 10th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger
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Creating a stretch routine can provide health benefits for your entire body


If you are dealing with chronic back or joint pain from different medical conditions or an injury, you have probably tried various methods in an effort to ease your pain. Prescription painkillers, localized shots, topical creams and other medicinal solutions may temporarily dull the pain, but they can be expensive and only serve as a short term solution. LA Medical has other options available that can be done from the comfort of your own home.


Simple stretching exercises can help to decrease the pain in your joints or back by increasing the blood flow to those areas. It also helps increase your range of motion, making movements of all kind easier. Like all exercise, flexibility movements can help to release the muscle tension caused by stress. Speak with your physicians to make sure that you are using stretches that are effective for the location of your pain, as well as to make sure you are doing them correctly to prevent injury.


Stretching and even yoga are great ways to naturally alleviate chronic pain from conditions like arthritis. Simple hip flexor, shoulder, and hamstring stretches have been shown to greatly alleviate back pain. It is best to make stretching part of your daily routine. If you find that you need a little extra boost of pain management, but do not wish to resort to medication, try the Therma Moist Heating Pad from LA Medical. The pad draws in humidity from the air and uses it to more effectively treat pain in your legs, back, neck or anywhere else on your body.


You do not have to live with high levels of pain in your life, so consult a doctor about trying some stretching exercises or yoga in combination with a Therma Moist Heating Pad from LA Medical Retail to ease your pain.

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