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Switching Roles: Caring for an Aging Parent

Posted on: May 14th, 2015 by vgmforbin
Mother and daughter hugging each other

Here are some questions to consider when asking yourself about your aging parents safety.

Are you concerned about the health of your aging parents? As your parents get older, it can be difficult to be sure that they are taking proper care of themselves and living a healthy lifestyle. In order to make sure that your parents are still able to live as they have been, you will need to ask yourself a series of questions when you visit their house.

  1. Are your parents able to take care of themselves?

Failure to keep up daily routines like bathing could be an indication of dementia or depression. Pay attention to their home as well. Are they neglecting housework? Is the yard overgrown? Changes like this can be indicators of their health.

  1. Are your parents experiencing memory loss?

We all forget things from time to time, especially when we get older. However, there is a difference between these normal changes and memory loss that is associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia. While misplacing glasses is one thing, getting lost in familiar neighborhoods or forgetting common words could be more serious.

  1. Are you parents safe on the road?

Driving can be a challenge for aging adults. If your parents have been confused while driving or you are worried about their ability to get places safely, it is probably time for them to stop driving.

  1. Have your parents lost weight?

Losing weight could mean that your parents are having a hard time cooking, have lost their sense of taste or some underlying condition like depression, cancer or dementia.

  1. Are your parents able to get around?

Pay attention to how well your parents are able to walk and maneuver around the house. Have they fallen lately or act reluctant to walk usual distances? Issues like muscle weakness and joint pain can make it difficult to get around.

It is not easy to accept that your parents may need some extra help. LA Medical has a number of solutions like canes, scooters, bathroom safety products and other aids to help them live safely in their home. You can find our products and solutions in our online catalog.


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