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Absorb this Information

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

The main goal of incontinence underwearis to prevent leaks and absorbing moisture, but how exactly do they work? If you’ve ever been in the market for buying incontinence underwear of any kind you’ve no doubt seen the words “absorbent polymer” on the package or in the product descriptions.

Most commonly the polymer found in both baby diapers and incontinence underwear of any kind is sodium polyacrylate. Put into the incontinence product as crystals in a layer of paper fluff, this polymer is super absorbent, being able to absorb and keep 200 to 300 times its weight in regular tap water. When moisture reaches the crystals they soak it up and hold it by turning into a gel-type substance that locks away the moisture and is odorless.

This type of moisture control technology was first developed by NASA for their astronauts for various parts of their missions. The astronauts have to endure hours of being seated during takeoff with their legs above their head, an optimal position for the body to produce urine. They also need moisture control for their space walks that can take anywhere from five to eight hours.

Both baby diaper and adult incontinence product manufacturers discovered NASA’s use of super absorbent polymers for their astronaut’s underwear and decided to put the same kind of technology to work for them in their products. Ultimately this has led to a decrease in the size of incontinence products, allowing for a more discreet fit while still providing users with the utmost in moisture control. Absorbent polymers are now used in a majority of the incontinence products sold today, including those offered by LA Medical Retail.

Classic incontinence underwear, briefs and even underpads have all been introduced to polymer technology, and the immediate future for incontinence products revolves around these water-holding crystals. If you need incontinence underwear or an absorbent underpad and want to experience the performance of polymer, browse through our incontinence products to see how we can help you manage your incontinence.


Posted on: March 27th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

Today, we’d like to feature our Incontinence Underpads.  We are now offering our 30” X 36” underpads at 100 pads per box for only $56.00, marked down from 96.99.  This is a savings of $36.99 for our incontinence customers!

These underpads are highly absorbent, soft and completely waterproof.  They seal on all four sides to prevent leakage and are the ideal solution for individuals with incontinence who want extra protection while they sleep or caregivers with waterproof bedding needs.