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Alcohol and Elderly: The Negative Effects

Posted on: August 15th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Alcohol and the ElderlyAccording to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), around 80 percent of the elderly persons seek treatment drinking alcohol instead of taking their prescription medications. Today, LA Medical Retail wants you to know there are treatments to help you overcome drinking alcoholic beverages.  We want you to know the differences between different alcohol problems and ways to seek help.

Doctors recommend that nondrinkers DO NOT start drinking to improve their health. It isn’t a safe alternative and it could lead to drinking more excessively. Alcoholism causes memory loss, depression, anxiety, poor appetite, bruises from falls, sleeping problems and forgetting basic hygiene.

There is a difference between alcohol abuse and dependence.  Alcohol abuse happens when a person drinks too much too often, but doesn’t need it to function throughout their day.  This could lead to driving a car under-the-influence or public intoxication.  Alcohol dependence is more serious and is a lifelong disease.  People have to drink to function throughout their day and they cannot control how much once they start.  Many people do not have a limit and don’t know when to stop.  When they stop drinking they go through a state of withdrawal which causes them to sweat, shake and get sick.  Withdrawal can also lead back to drinking again.

Many people have gained the strength to walk away from drinking and live healthy lives.  It does only take one drink to turn around and get hooked again. For anybody to quit drinking takes time, energy and most of all, support.  There are medicines available to help control the need for alcohol and can make you sick, on purpose, from drinking; sort of like punishment. Support groups are available and can help you get away from drinking by talking out your problems.  You could also remove alcohol from the home, avoid drinking when angry or spend the time and money on something fun with your family.

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