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Attack of the Pillow Snatchers: Time for a Foam Bed Pillow Wedge

Posted on: February 14th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

If you’re finding yourself swiping pillows from everywhere in the house to prop yourself up in bed so that you can sleep comfortably, you may need a bed pillow wedge.  These soft foam shapes can do a lot more for your body than you know and can be a very effective treatment option for those suffering from sleep apnea, asthma, back problems, acid reflux or snoring.

There are several main health benefits of simply propping yourself up while you sleep:

Reduce Tension

Sleeping on a pillow wedge take the pressure off your back and relieves the tension you were carrying with you throughout the day.

Relaxes Muscles

Your neck and back no longer need to support your head and your completely relax allowing you to feel refreshed in the morning.

Improved Breathing

Sleeping on a pillow wedge improves your breathing by keeping your body position the same throughout the night, leaving you to feel more rested.

Easier for the Caregiver

Pillow wedges make moving the patient much easier.  These wedges keep the patient steady and prevent the patient from waking when changing positions throughout the night because there is no need to refluff pillows.

Rehab of Lower Body

These same pillow wedges are also great for propping up the leg or knee to improve circulation through the legs and reduce fluid build-up.

In conclusion, stop stealing pillows and give LA Medical Retail or your doctor a call to talk about how a bed wedge could help you get a better night’s rest.  Our Foam Bed Wedge is currently on sale for $22.99.  Order one today to improve your overall health while you sleep!