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The Case for the Cane

Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

If you are struggling in walking around your home or neighborhood, or are afraid of losing your balance while at the grocery store, then a cane may be a good option to add some stability to your walking. Yes, a cane, but not one like your father or grandfather had. Canes today have come a long way from the wooden J-shaped canes of yesteryear. Today’s canes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colors, and are made to help solve a variety issues.

A single-tip cane, the most common kind, can help provide more balance if you feel like you are constantly in danger of falling. With a single-tip cane you can go for an evening walk around your neighborhood without fearing of falling. However, if you need something to bear a little weight along with adding balance, then a quad-tip cane would better suit you. As is evident from its name, the quad-tip cane has four legs in contact with the ground that attach to a wider base to give you stability and something to take some of the weight off of your own legs.

Today’s canes are also adjustable and can be fitted with a variety of grips to reduce stress on your body and unlock the full benefits of using a cane. The Mayo Clinic recommends that for a proper cane fit, your elbow should bend 15 degrees while holding your cane. Not only are canes more functional now, but also more fashionable.

Cane customization is becoming more popular as more of the population reaches an older age. There are websites like this one that offer canes in a variety of patterns and colors, and some places will build you a cane from scratch to meet your medical and fashion needs.

So, not only will a single or quad-tip cane give you added stability and take some of the weight off of your own, but they’ll give your life a little added color as well!