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What’s in a Good Folding Walker?

Posted on: February 9th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

Walkers seem like a very basic piece of equipment, but there is much more to it than meets the eye.  With prices ranging from $30 to $300, how do you know which walker is going to give you everything you need without breaking the bank?

The most important thing is making sure the walker fits you.  See fitting tips from a previous blog.  As we mentioned before, improper fitting of walking aids is the contributing factor to over 50,000 fall injuries each year!

Make sure you can handle the weight of the walker.  There are lightweight options in walkers for those with less strength.  For example, the basic folding walker weighs at least 11 pounds, but our Dual-release Paddle Adult Walker for only $10 more weighs only 5 pounds.

Padding also varies from one walker to the next.  The basic walker has vinyl hand grips while other walkers have soft ribbed and contoured hand grips.  This feature comes in handy if you have difficulty gripping items or your hands get sore easily.

Other characteristics to look for are a flip-down seat, carrying pouches and breaks for maximum control.

With the information above, you could now make a list of your needs in a walker and allow us to find the perfect fit for you.