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Avoiding Health Scams

Posted on: August 22nd, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Franklin Roosevelt declared August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day in 1988. LA Medical Retail supports Senior Citizens Day and the senior citizens in our communities, and recognizes achievements they have made.  It is also a day to bring awareness to the social, health and economic issues that affect our senior citizen community such as health scams.

Almost every minute of every day, people are falling for a health scam. For us to help protect our senior citizens and to make sure they live healthy lives, we need to educate them on how to avoid a health scam.  Health scams tend to be a waste of money and can lead to delays in proper diagnosis and/or treatment. These scams can be seen on T.V., heard on the radio, seen online or even heard by word-of-mouth. Make sure to do more research about a drug or quick cure and if you’re not sure, contact your doctor for more information.

Scam artists tend to repeat the same vocabulary and marketing strategies to get you to purchase their products.  Here are some things to look for in their advertisements:

  • Promises of a quick cure
  • The product is made from a special or rare formula of different drugs or natural additives
  • Uses statements from “satisfied” patients or customers who use the product regularly
  • “Doctors” who are played by actors
  • Claims to cure multiple issues
  • Money-back guarantees if the product doesn’t work
  • Offers for free or additional promotions that are in addition to the original product
  • Requirement of advanced payment and “limited” supply
  • Only a handful of people have tried the product

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects the public by assuring the safety of prescription drugs, biological products, medical devices, food, cosmetics and radiation emitting products. The FDA has a great video that explains more about avoiding health scams.

LA Medical Retail cares about your overall health and safety. Make sure the medicines you have are prescribed to you by your doctor. Feel free to contact us with any questions or check out our line of personal care products or braces and supports.

Don't get pulled into sneaky sales techniques.  Don't believe everything you hear or see.

Don’t get pulled into sneaky sales techniques. Don’t believe everything you hear or see.