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Boosting Your Immune System

Posted on: January 29th, 2015 by LAMedicalBlogger
The best way to treat illness is to stop it before it starts. You can do this by building up a strong immune system.

The best way to treat illness is to stop it before it starts. You can do this by building up a strong immune system.

If you have ever had the flu, you know how awful this dreaded virus can be. The best treatment is usually to rest and let the virus run its course. Wouldn’t it be a much more effective strategy to take measures to avoid getting sick in the first place? There are several healthy habits you start that will help decrease your risk of getting the flu year round.

Improve your stomach health: Over 70 percent of your immune system lives in your stomach. This consists of good bacteria that helps fight off the bad bacteria and viruses. Most of us have a damaged gut wall due to a poor diet and too many stressors. This damage causes foods to not be completely digested, sending undigested particles into the bloodstream. This can cause problems in the brain, immune system, metabolism and more. Fermented beverages, like kombucha tea, help repair the stomach’s wall by feeding its good bacteria so it can work properly.

Get more sleep: Sleep is vital for our body to function properly. Not getting enough sleep leads to high levels of stress hormones and can also cause more inflammation in your body. Seven to nine hours is the optimal amount of sleep for the immune system to function.

Wash your hands, but not too much: Washing your hands is the best way to avoid exposure to viruses. But washing them too much can hinder your immune system. If your immune system is not exposed to bacteria, your immune system can suffer from a lack of stimulation to produce a defense. This makes you more vulnerable to infections.

Your immune system’s job is to protect you from viruses and bacteria. Rather than reacting to an illness, be proactive and do what you can to prevent illness from occurring. LA Medical is your one stop shop for mobility, daily living, and safety products. Look through our online catalog today!

National Immunization Month: 4 Reasons to Immunize from LA Medical

Posted on: July 29th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger
Take preventative measure this month to keep you and your family healthy.

Take preventative measures this month to be in your best health.

Reduce your risk of sickness and disease by taking advantage of immunizations. August is National Immunization Month and provides the perfect time to ensure you and your family’s immunizations are up to date. People of all ages can have immunizations to protect themselves from harmful diseases. Nobody should suffer from an illness that can be prevented, which is why LA Medical encourages you to take advantage of immunizations provided by doctors. Here we have 4 reasons to have you and your loved ones immunized.


One of the best defense methods against harmful diseases is the use of immunizations. They are available to ensure prevention against illnesses that can interrupt our life and cause serious health issues, and sometimes even death.

Protect Infants

Baby’s immune systems are not strong or able to fight many diseases. Before the age of 2, babies can be protected from 14 serious diseases. While it is not easy for any parent to have their child immunized, it will pay off in the long run. Most parents choose to have their babies vaccinated, with only less than one percent not giving any vaccinations.

Travel Abroad Safely

Anytime you leave the country it is a good idea to check with your doctor or online to ensure all immunizations necessary are taken care of. It’s vital to have all vaccinations done before leaving the country to keep you and others safe.

Peace of Mind

Don’t wait until an outbreak happens to get vaccinated. Take preventative measures so that if and when an illness starts spreading, you are protected. Missing work and other responsibilities when sick can add unnecessary stress to life.

This month LA Medical encourages you to take responsibility for you and your loved one’s health. We hope you to visit our online catalog to find health and safety products to assist you in daily life.

Caring for a Child with Special Needs- Part 2

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger


Caring for a Child with Special Needs- Part 2

LA Medical is sharing a few of the best tips and suggestions we have heard from wonderful parents of special needs children who we talk to every day.

Remember that a diagnosis is important, but will never tell the whole story of your child.  A diagnosis is the first step to getting the proper care and discovering what to expect, but that will never tell the story of your child. Just like height, skin color or eye color, a diagnosis is just one part of who they are.

Take notes. You may be at a conference or watching TV when someone shares a wonderful piece of advice. Write it down and look it up later. You’re note file will probably be pretty big in the years to come.

Accept that other people may not know how they should act around you or your child and they will take their cues from you. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable they will be. Don’t be offended if they ask a question that may seem odd or insensitive; they probably just don’t know the answer or what to ask in this situation.

Having said that, don’t let people use outdated, offensive or stereotypic phrases or words in discussing your child. If they use one of these terms, simply say firmly but politely that you find that word or phrase offensive and offer a better one. Changing many years of culture and habits takes time.

Daycares and other businesses are only required to make “reasonable accommodations” and affordable changes to their staffing and environments. Use the ADA as a tool to educate, not a club to threaten. It may take some extra time and experts to help find the right care and the right people to care for your child.

Let LA Medical be a resource for you when you are looking for wheelchairs, ramps and other home medical equipment that you or a loved one will need.

Germs, germs go away!

Posted on: December 26th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

These are busy times! Holiday travel, family visits and office parties are all great times to eat drink and be merry with some of our favorite people. The bad news is that many of our favorite people may have colds, flu and other illnesses ready to spread to us and make us sick!

LA Medical wants all of our customGerms Germs Go Awayers to stay healthy this month and all year long. While nobody is immune to all illnesses, there are some steps you can take to not get sick and not make others sick.

Wash your hands and wash them often. They may not look dirty, but we can’t see all of those nasty little germs that are on them. If you have kids, take them to wash their hands often. Kids are less likely to wash their hands and much more likely to touch all sort of gross things, and then use those same dirty little hands to touch their own eyes and noses and to touch you!

When you’re washing your hands, use soap and warm to hot-ish water. Don’t burn yourself. Use a good soap and enough of it. Wash your whole hand clear up to your wrists if possible. Experts say to sing the Happy Birthday song as a guide for the length it should take to get the job done.

If you are somewhere you can’t wash your hands right away, get some hand sanitizer and use it! It comes in many sizes and varieties. Whether it’s the standard clear variety that smells like rubbing alcohol or a foam or one that smells like apples, apply about a dime to nickel size dab to your hands and really make sure it covers your palms and fingers.

Remember that door, shopping cart or railing you just touched could make you sick! When you need any home medical equipment, contact LA Medical today. We carry a wide selection of mobility scooters and bath safety equipment to keep you mobile and safe.