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Let the Good Times Roll with a Knee Walker

Posted on: April 25th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Let the good times roll! Well maybe not good times, but you can still roll with a knee walker from LA Medical. Knee walkers are a somewhat new idea and a great alternative to crutches for many people. These small, four-wheeled devices may look like a child’s plaything, but are designed to take the weight off of legs that have been broken or have been through any number of surgeries. Keep in mind that if you have had knee surgery, the knee walker is not for you (sorry.)

Knee walkers are ideal for someone with a lower leg injury like the one shown here.

Knee walkers are ideal for someone with a lower leg injury like the one shown here.

Here are a few reasons why you may choose a knee walker from LA Medical.

No arm strength needed. Crutches rely on arms and upper body strength. Walk around on crutches all day and your leg will not be the only thing hurting. You may notice the strain in your forearms and more than likely some chafing in your arm pits. The only upper body strength you need to operate a knee walker is just enough to steer and to lightly apply the hand brake.

Four wheels are better than two rubber tips. Knee walkers offer more stability than crutches because of their four wheels that are always touching the ground. Try standing crutches up by themselves and see what happens. Going across a rain soaked parking lot or sidewalk with a knee walker is also much safer than crutches.

They are cheat proof. When you use a knee walker, your injured leg is 100% off of the ground. Most people will put too much weight on an injured leg when using crutches, even if it hurts to do so. We assume it’s normal, but it shouldn’t be.

You’re hands stay cleaner. When you use crutches, both of your hands are constantly in a death grip on the rubber grips. Everything on your hands goes on the grips and then back to your hands and then back to the grips and…you get the idea. The non-porous handles on the knee walker are easier to wipe off and keep clean.

You have one hand free. Try getting a cup of hot coffee or your lunch back to your desk or chair with a pair of crutches. If both hands are clinging to afore mentioned germy grips, how do you carry anything?

You always have a place to sit. Have you ever seen a crutch with a built in seat? With a knee walker, you can (carefully) be seated on the cushioned seat and have a rest, a conversation or a bite to eat.

Darn it, they just look cool! Knee walkers can be fitted with baskets to make them even more useful and let’s be honest; they look more fun than crutches. People in your family or office will more than likely try to steal your knee walker and may even let out a “wheeee” as they zoom around the room. Guard your knee walker carefully.

If you or a loved one is having surgery or recovering from a broken leg or ankle or a foot ulcer, see LA Medical today and let us show you what a knee walker can do for you.