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Caring for a Child with Special Needs- Part 1

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger


Caring for a Child with Special Needs- Part 1

LA Medical talks to parents of special needs children every day. We have compiled a list of some of the best advice from those parents and want to share them with you now.

Remember that children with special needs are, first and foremost, still children. It’s easy to get so into the diagnosis and medical terms, doctor’s appointments and specialists that we can forget that the child is just that: a child. People outside the family may need this reminder too. Like every child, they need love, friends, interaction, playmates, involvement and time to just be a kid.

There are resources out there; sometimes you just have to ask. Whether you are new to parenting a special needs child or have many years of experience, there are always new discoveries, treatment options and information out there. Stay in touch with these resources online, by meetings or one-on-one with the people who are current on these things.

Be a resource. They always say that you don’t really know how much you know about something until you teach it to another person. If you have wisdom and experience about raising your child, share it. If you have jumped hurdles and fought a battle with a school district, help someone new to the challenge. You’ll be surprised with how much of a resource you are!

Your life is not all about your child’s disability. That can be a hard one to admit for many parents. All of the appointments, doctor visits and information about their needs can make it easy to forget that you are a person too. You have a name, a history, talents and interests outside of your child’s needs. Just like we say to remember that a child with a disability is a child first; remember that a parent of a child with a disability is a person first and needs to be cared for too.

Let LA Medical be a resource for you when you are looking for wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions and for many other items that you need. More important tips are on the way!

Flying with Ease: Airport Wheelchair Travel 2

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger


LA Medical is continuing on with wheelchair travel and making sure your needs are being taken care of by the airport or airline.  Every airline has a list of reservation requirements that vary for rules or regulations.  LA Medical wants you to be aware of certain regulations such as providing medical certificates and battery storage for power mobility products.

If you or someone you know has a condition where they require additional assistance on the aircraft, they may need to provide the airline or travel agent with a medical certificate.  Under certain conditions, you may need to apply and receive a medical certificate from your doctor.  You may need to be examined by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) to receive a medical certificate before you board a plane. You must state if you need or have one of these:

  • Medical oxygen while on-board
  • If you have a communicable disease or infection
  • Require medical attention during the entire flight

Every airline has different rules and regulations to work with you in these predicaments.  Contact your airline or travel agent with any questions.

Battery operated wheelchairs or mobility scooters must be looked at more in-depth while going through security. Newer power wheelchairs and mobility scooters have lithium-ion batteries installed which makes security checkpoints go a little smoother.  But what do you do if you have an older machine?

While going through security, your wheelchair or scooter will not have to be disconnected from the battery, but your equipment must have an effective method of preventing accidental activation during transport or flight such as removing the key, turning on a kill switch, removing the power arm or taping a switch in a closed position.

Wet cell batteries, or spillable, require special preparations to be transported.  The battery must be disconnected and terminals must be protected from causing an electrical short.  Sometimes wet batteries will be transported in a special box to reduce damage and leaky batteries.  Dry cell, or non-spillable, batteries have fewer requirements for transport and handling.  Dry cell batteries can stay plugged in during transport.

Contact LA Medical today with all of your mobility questions!

Lightweight Wheelchairs: Light in Weight, Heavy in Assistance

Posted on: January 31st, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Though it may be seen as something of an “antique” when put next to much of the other mobility and home medical equipment that is available these days, the manual wheelchair still provides support to millions of people around the country. This can be accounted to its ease of use, relatively low cost and the advances in wheelchair technology that make them more efficient while keeping their cost low.

Lightweight wheelchairs provide a solid ride and durability in a surprisingly light form.

One good example of this is the lightweight wheelchair. With most models weighting between 15 and 34 lbs., lightweight wheelchairs are easy to propel for both those in the chair and those pushing the chair. The lack of mass also makes these wheelchairs easy to transport from place to place.

Despite their lack of weight, lightweight wheelchairs are incredibly strong, with most being able to handle around 300 lbs. This hidden strength is in the titanium used in the frame. Titanium is much stronger, lighter and durable than aluminum, and is also better with shock absorption. Combine this with the ability to fold for convenient storage and transportation, and you have a fully functional and easy-to-use wheelchair.

Although they are lighter, lightweight wheelchairs don’t sacrifice in the amenities they provide to users. Most models come with padded armrests, removable footrests, adjustable front casters and other adjustable parts for more comfort. There are also many optional items such as elevating legrests, seat and back cushions and other accessories that can be purchased along with a lightweight wheelchair for a more custom fit.

As far as mobility devices are concerned, the wheelchair is the standard that all others should live up to. They have withstood the test of time, provide their users with numerous benefits and are readily available. LA Medical Retail carries a variety of lightweight, standard and transport chairs to choose from, so be sure to go to our online catalog if you or a loved one are looking to purchase a wheelchair.