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6 Benefits of Mobility Scooters

Posted on: April 23rd, 2015 by vgmforbin
Mobility scooters make it easier and safer for individuals with limited mobility to get around.

Mobility scooters make it easier and safer for individuals with limited mobility to get around.

As adults get older, mobility often becomes limited. Whether this is due to injury, illness or something else, mobility issues can hinder someone’s lifestyle that was once active. Mobility scooters are one solution to keep senior citizens both safe in and out of their homes. There are various benefits that those who use a mobility scooter receive. We will highlight six of them in today’s blog.

  1. Stay Independent: Many aging adults have a harder time moving around on their own due to previous falls, injuries or other conditions. Mobility scooters can keep elderly people active and able to independently move from room to room safely.
  2. Prevent Falls: Falls can cause broken bones, bruises, head injuries, and other ailments that can quickly debilitate a person. Mobility scooters make it possible for individuals to get around on their own without the risk of falling.
  3. Avoid Hospital Visits: Mobility scooters allow seniors to get around safely, helping them avoid extended hospital stays.
  4. Heal Faster: If you have ever recovered from an illness or injury, you understand how hard it is to stay put and rest for weeks or months at a time. Mobility scooter owners don’t need to worry about overexerting themselves after surgery.
  5. Shop Easier: Retail stores and malls can be challenging for those that have mobility problems. Scooters help free up your hands and make it possible to shop without risking fatigue or falls.
  6. Make Life Easier for Caregivers: Family caregivers are glad to help but sometimes there are challenges that they cannot physically assist with. A mobility scooter allows older adults to be more active and independent. This means they can take care of more daily tasks that wouldn’t be safe or possible without a little help.

If you think that a mobility scooter is the best solution for meeting the mobility needs of you or your loved one, LA Medical has a number of different models available. We have sales representatives who can help you find the best option for you!

4 Helpful Accessories to Ease Life with a Mobility Aid

Posted on: September 19th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger
Experience a more convenient daily life with accessories for any mobility aid.

Experience a more convenient daily life with accessories for any mobility aid.

Living with a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane requires extra consideration in everyday life. Simply activities like going on a walk, using the restroom, and cooking a meal can become significantly more difficult. Whether a person lives alone, with a family member or caregiver, one of the best ways to keep them as safe as possible and accommodate for their needs, is with products from LA Medical. We are happy to help anyone in need and are confident you will find useful accessories with LA Medical.

Oxygen Cylinder Caddy – For a wheelchair patient who uses an oxygen concentrator, they will be able to attach the cylinder to the chair with the oxygen cylinder caddy and get from one place to the next easier. Experience more freedom and enjoy the great outdoors!

Universal Cup Holder – Are you planning a trip to the park or a day at the beach? With a cup holder that easily attaches to any wheelchair, rollator, or wheeled walker, you will always have a drink close by.

Wheelchair Tray – Eating, reading, and card games can all be done easier with a wheelchair tray. Take the wheelchair to family gatherings or social events and don’t worry about fitting under a table or finding an accessible flat surface.

Chart Carry Pocket – Whether you need to carry medications, a computer, or snacks, they can be transported in this bag that attaches to the back of any wheelchair.

Bathroom safety is an important consideration to make in the home of any elder or mobility aid user. They may experience more difficulty getting in and out of a tub, standing in a shower, or using the toilet. It is imperative that every room of the house is provided with safety supplies to make it accommodating. Common bathroom safety items are: a folding seat commode, tub rail, bath seat, and a transfer bench. These and many more can provide a person with confidence when living independently.

LA Medical hopes to ease the worries you may have during day to day activities or knowing your loved one is living alone or with little assistance. If you see a need for any of these products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and order yours today.

Sun Shade: Avoid the Heat in your Power Wheelchair or Scooter

Posted on: June 2nd, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger
Sun shades from LA Medical

Sun shades offer a way to enjoy the outdoors during the summer while staying cool!

It’s summertime and the sun is beating down on you in your motorized scooter or power wheelchair. You just can’t seem to get away from that soon to be sun burn, but LA Medical has a solution for those unbearably hot days.

We know you don’t want to miss out on outdoor activities with family and friends, so the best of both worlds is offered through the sun shade. If the thought of this inventive product doesn’t convince you, we can give you five more reasons why you need the sun shade to keep you cool.

  1. It is easy to install. There is no need to hassle with trying to figure out how to put it together because we make it simple.
  2. Sun shade provides coverage no matter where you are. You can enjoy the outdoors without having to find a tree to sit under, you can be anywhere with the comfort of the sun shade.
  3. The simplicity of taking it on and off of your scooter or wheelchair is an added benefit. The sun shade gives you options and it is not a permanent add on to your mobility aid.
  4. Shipping from LA Medical is free on this product. You will not have to deal with an added cost when buying the sun shade from us.
  5. Need one more reason to buy this? The sun shade fits on all Drive electric scooters and Sunfire Plus wheelchairs.

This versatile product is available just in time for the dog days of summer. You can now enjoy summer barbeques, beach days, or the park in comfort!

Now that all your worries have been washed away by our reasons to buy the sun shade; go ahead and purchase it today from LA Medical. Do you have any questions about the sun shade or any product? LA Medical is always only a phone call away.

5 Signs that You Need a Mobility Scooter

Posted on: April 11th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Is a mobility scooter right for you or an aging parent?  Are you or someone in your family struggling with getting around due to age or disease?  The decision to get a mobility scooter is not always an easy one.  Some may see it as a way to increase their independence while others see it as giving up on walking.

Mobility scooters provide a great way for those who have limitations to get around.

Mobility scooters provide a great way for those who have limitations to get around.

Here are some indicators that you may benefit from a mobility scooter from LA Medical.

Balance issues– Many people have trouble with balance as they age or because of certain diseases. Poor balance leads to falls that may lead to many more serious injuries, hospitalizations and even death.  Many older or disabled people will simply choose to limit their movements, stop moving around their houses and not go outside for fear of falling. This sedentary life leads to more problems with health, isolation and quality of life.

Frequent falls – Balance and falls go hand in hand, but poor eyesight, loss of sensation in the feet and legs and fast changes in blood pressure can also contribute to falls. Even if the falls are major, the fear of falling often causes people to stop walking.

Trouble getting up from a chair or bed– As we age or progress in our disease, we lose strength in our legs and getting out of a low, flat bed or chair can become difficult and even dangerous. The person who doesn’t have help getting up safely may stay in their bed or favorite chair longer and risk losing muscle or the development of pressure sores. Housekeeping stops and preparing meals doesn’t happen which can lead to more problems.

Trouble walking– Many people have trouble walking longer distances or for longer periods of time. Canes and walkers can help, but may not be enough or many people.  Once again, their world becomes smaller and smaller and quality of life declines.

Illness and treatments– The cures and treatments for some illnesses are as hard on the body as the disease itself. Surgeries can take months to recover from and chemotherapy can leave a person weak.  Certain diseases and conditions from arthritis to MS can also wear on the body and cause increasing weakness and problems. Staying active is often the best treatment for these recoveries, but that becomes impossible without a way to stay mobile.

LA Medical has mobility scooters in our online catalog and in our store and more available upon request. We can help you find the right scooter for you and your lifestyle; we’ll even help you find the right color.  Get moving with help from your friends at LA Medical!

Mobility Scooters vs. Electric Wheelchairs: Knowing the Difference

Posted on: April 9th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

Both mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs have similar end results; they are both used for safe and comfortable mobility. Many people use the terms interchangeably and confuse the two product groups. There are many differences that make choosing the correct one very important. The mobility and seating experts at LA Medical can work with you, your physician and your therapists to determine which device best fits your needs.

If you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors, then a mobility scooter may be right for you.

If you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors, then a mobility scooter may be right for you.

Mobility scooters are designed for short-term, temporary purposes. Short term and temporary means as you recover from an injury and how long you use the scooter on any given day. They are considered more for assistance when the user is mobile, but can’t walk for long without tiring.

Electric wheelchairs are designed for people who sit the majority if not all day. Electric wheelchairs offer more support for posture and more specialized cushioning in the seat. People with spinal cord injuries and many other challenges use electric wheelchairs, not scooters.

Mobility scooters are not designed or built to be as complex and are usually much lighter. Scooters are always designed to be easier to collapse for simple transport. Most scooters are carried on the back of the vehicle with the person riding in the vehicle.

Electric wheelchairs are normally built more solidly with more complex features. They can be broken down for transport, but the majority of times the person remains in the chair inside the vehicle. Vans can be modified so the person using the wheelchair can drive the van; this is not true of scooters.

Scooters are built lighter making them easier to move more frequently. But their lighter weight means they are less stable on uneven terrain (lawns, hills, rocks, etc.).

Steering and control in a mobility scooter is more like a bicycle. The driver’s arms are extended to the steering handle and hand brakes are normally used. It requires better range of motion and upper body strength.

Electric wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick that is pre-programmed. They can be located on the left or right arm of the chair.  Controllers can be modified to respond to work with head movement and a “sip and puff” device for people with more complete paralysis.

Now that you know about the two groups, we invite you to see some of the choices available in our online catalog. We encourage you to come in for a “test drive” soon and let the seating experts at LA Medical tell you more.

Mobility Scooters: Discover L.A. Sights and Enjoy Life

Posted on: February 26th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

People with decreased mobility can often find themselves in ruts, only being able to see or do things within a certain distance of home for short periods of time. However, this is no way to go through life, which is why LA Medical Retail offers a variety of mobility scootersto help those with difficulty getting around.

A sunset at Venice Beach is just one of the may sights you could catch with a mobility scooter.

A mobility scooter can give you the power to get out and get to the nearby grocery store or pharmacy yourself, or go for a “stroll” around your neighborhood as the weather begins to warm up as spring approaches. But why settle for just your neighborhood when there are so many beautiful things to see in the Los Angeles area? With a mobility scooter, you can discover parts of the city you have never been able to access before.

If nature and gardens interest you, the Huntington Botanical Gardens at the Huntington Library offer 120 acres and over 14,000 types of plants to please your eye. You can cruise through the Chinese, Desert, Australian and other gardens and see a variety of plants and native to those types of areas. For a more outdoorsy and challenging feeling, you can also ride through the hiking trails of Runyon Canyon Park. This will provide with scenic overlooks of Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

For those that want to stay around town, the Venice Beach boardwalk or Malibu beach are great places to take in a variety of experiences, from street performers to open-air food marts and more.

Using a mobility scooter will open up doors to new possibilities that you thought had been closed. So, give us at LA Medical Retail a call or go to our Online Store to see how you can get out exploring and enjoying life today!

Scooters vs. Power Chairs: When to Use Each

Posted on: May 31st, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

Not many people know the differences in usages for power chairs and mobility scooters, often lumping them together. But in the ever-changing world of mobility equipment and products, power chairs and mobility scooters are two completely different pieces of equipment that are made for different uses. So, before you decide on one or the other for your mobility needs, you need to understand the proficiencies and limitations of each when it comes to preferred use, maneuverability, adjustability and security and safety.

Preferred Use

Power chairs are meant for in-home use because of their smaller size, while scooters perform better outdoors and while traveling.


With smaller turning radiuses and larger front wheels, power chairs can navigate narrow hallways, tight spaces and door thresholds easily while being controlled by a joystick-like control. On the other hand, scooters usually have around a 32-inch turning radius, perform better on even surfaces, and are controlled by levers and handlebars connected to a steering tiller and front wheel.


One of the biggest attractions of power chairs, the armrests, footrests and seat back angle can all be adjusted, providing a comfortable position for the user. Scooters have limited seat modifications, though the handlebars are adjustable for reach and height. While most scooters come with baskets attached to the front, there are very few medical-related accessories.

Safety and Stability

Most power chairs feature anti-tip wheels and a safety harness for protection, while scooter-users can set the maximum speed for the scooter for a safer ride.

While power chairs have more features and are more luxurious than scooters, this is because they are meant for in-home use for those with greater disabilities. For those of you needing better mobility outside of your home, a mobility scooter is the correct choice for you. Whatever your mobility need, LA Medical has the power chair or scooter you need to get around more safely and efficiently!


LA Medical Retail: Dropping Prices Left and Right

Posted on: February 7th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that we are making some MAJOR adjustments on pricing.  Our new pricing is extremely competitive and in some cases, even below the LOWEST price we found online.  Here is our most recent price drops, but keep an eye out for more low prices to come!

Power Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters:

Our Streamer Sport Power Chair with Captain Seat is retailing for $1,600 online, but our special price is $1,429.99, a savings of $170!

The sleek Invacare Lynx Scooter retails at $1,395.00.  Our price available to you now is $778.99.  Choose from red or blue, 4-wheel or 3-wheel!

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Our Cruiser III-Lightweight, Dual Axle Wheelchair is on sale for $177.99.  Regular price is $447.20.  Available options include elevating leg rests, seat belt, universal oxygen holder, 8” wheel lock extension, anti-tipper with wheels and a seat/back cushion combo.

Wheelchair Ramps

The easy-to-use Trifold Ramp normally retails for $650 and is featured on our website for only $315.99.  If you need better wheelchair access in your home, take advantage of the special price on this sturdy, longer, skid-resistant wheelchair ramp.

Bath Safety

This Drop-Arm Commode Deluxe with Padded Seat K.D. is normally offered at $268.16 by our competitors, but we are selling it for only $143.99.

Our most affordable bath bench is the CareGuard Tool-less Shower Chair for only $32.99, normally priced at $52.99.  This is a perfect option for rehab patients or caregiving homes.

The Locking Elevated Toilet Seat retails at $59.67, but our price is $33.99 for a savings of $25.68.  In today’s economy, we need all the savings we can get.  This raised toilet seat is a must-have for your aging loved ones who no longer have the leg strength to easily get on and off the toilet safely.

Don’t see what you need?  Let us know!  We have more price drops to come so stay alert, stay safe and come back soon!

Wheelchair and Scooter Attachments: Accessorize your ride!

Posted on: December 20th, 2011 by LAMedicalBlogger

It’s time to enhance the look and function of your wheelchair or scooter.  Take a look at these simple items that add convenience and safety to your ride without the expense of a new chair.  Whether you need more compartments to carry your wallet or cell phone or need protection from the sun, there is an attachment for you.  Check out these attachments:

Wheelchair Bags, Totes, Hanging Pouches

Take your pick of carrier to hang from your wheelchair or scooter.  There is the Nova Mobility Saddle Bag that comes in a variety of patterns to fit your personality and is great for holding keys, cell phones, medication, magazines and more.  We also have a simple Scooter Arm Tote which has one zippered pocket and one mesh pocket with Velcro closure.  Our Nova Hanging Pouch has a large zippered pouch and multiple pockets.  Any of these bags are great solutions for you or your loved one to safely carry items while navigating your wheelchair or scooter.

Cup Holders and Cane Holders

Check out the Nova Adjustable Cup Holder or Nova Cane Holder.  The cup holder conveniently secures to the side of your wheelchair or scooter and when you want to use it just push the base down to reveal an adjustable drink holder.  Your cane holder fastens to the side of your wheelchair or scooter and holds most cane sizes securely.

Sun Shade

Our sun shade fits all Drive electric scooters and Sunfire Plus power wheelchairs.  It is easy to install and provides maximum protection from the sun.  The sun shade is perfect for the scooter or wheelchair user that loves to spend a lot of time outside, in the open.

Make life easier for yourself or your loved one with these simple additions that fit most mobility devices.  If you are interested in the function of any of these wheelchair and scooter accessories, just give us a call or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Mobility Scooter Rental for Able-Bodied: How do you feel about it?

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by LAMedicalBlogger

At LA Medical Retail, our mobility scooter customers come in with a physical need for purchase of a mobility scooter.  We take pride in the fact that we are able to help individuals that physically have a hard time walking and a scooter is a necessity for them, but in Las Vegas this isn’t the case.

On my last visit to Las Vegas, I noticed many people in mobility scooters.  At first glance, it looked like there was a large population of physically impaired people staying at my hotel, but when I looked closer I could see that most of these individuals were young, fit and consuming alcohol.  There were large signs posted on the backs of these scooters with a number to call if you would like to rent one for the day.

My first thought was the safety concern.  Many of these individuals are consuming alcohol and also driving the scooter on a very crowded Las Vegas Strip.  It seems hard to believe that these rental mobility scooters can be operated safely in that atmosphere.

There is also an ethical concern.  Now, I understand that the Vegas Strip is four miles long and the casinos are very large, but is it ethical to rent a mobility scooter as an able-bodied individual?  Some feel that it should be considered similar to parking in a handicap parking spot.

I’m very interested to hear your opinion on this issue?  Is it acceptable for able-bodied individuals to rent mobility scooters in the atmosphere referenced above?  Have you seen this displayed in other areas besides Las Vegas?