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Note to Nurse: Celebrate National Nurse’s Week

Posted on: May 5th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger
Thank you nurses

Thank you nurses

LA Medical wants to acknowledge the hard work of nurses May 6 through May 12, as it is National Nurse’s Week.

With healthcare constantly changing, nurses are stepping out of their comfort zones and are becoming active contributors and innovators in the health care system. Each day, nurses around the country work to embrace new technologies, resolve health crises, and accept the ever-changing aspects their career brings.

LA Medical wants you to celebrate the nurses who have helped care for you or a loved one. Check out these four inexpensive ways to honor the special nurses that have impacted your life.

  1. Hand out Lifesavers with a note, “You are a lifesaver.”
  2. Post pictures of nurse teams in waiting rooms. Include their name and tell about one of their great qualities.
  3. Host a small open house with treats and beverages in a break room to thank nurses.
  4. Team up with a local elementary school or daycare to create art and thank-you notes for nurses.

So many nurses in the profession show daily dedication for the work that they do. Nurses serve many roles that all come with various challenges, but they continuously show the strength to return to work day after day to face those uncertainties.

A nurse’s commitment to continuing knowledge, clinical skill, and patience is combined with a sincere commitment to patients and compassion for their families. National Nurse’s Week should be celebrated by people who have made nursing their profession, families who have had contact with nurses and their services, and the people nurses work with daily.

Nurses are leaders for their patients, colleagues, organizations, and health care industry. LA Medical encourages you to thank a nurse for all that they do for our communities.