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Getting the Best of Obesity

Posted on: September 20th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

Even though it would appear that the United States is in the midst of a health and fitness revolution, the numbers don’t lie: we are still an obese nation. Over one third of our nation’s adults are obese (35.7 percent) and around 15 percent of the nation’s children are obese. While some of the population is slimming down thanks to more widespread dieting knowledge and more available fitness resources, others are still eating unhealthily and staying glued to the couch.

There are ways to beat obesity, but they aren’t easy. The pounds and inches may have gone on without much effort, but it will take a well-rounded diet, a comprehensive fitness plan and mental grit to shed them.

Your new diet will be the most important aspect of beating obesity. For starters, more fresh fruits and vegetables, less processed foods. A good general tip is to stick to the outer edge of the grocery store where the fruit, vegetables, lean meats and other items are kept. The aisles house an amorphous blob of unhealthy processed and fatty foods that you need to stop eating. Also, try eating five or six smaller meals per day instead of three larger ones to keep your metabolism going, and never, EVER, skip breakfast.

Your exercise plan should start off slowly if it’s been awhile. Alternate between cardio and weight training during the week and use the weekends to recover. Don’t push yourself too hard because an injury could sideline you and you’ll get nowhere. Ramp up the intensity as your fitness improves and remember that warming up and cooling down are essential to staying healthy.

Finally, stay mentally strong and keep your eyes on the prize. Losing weight takes time, and losing a lot of weight takes longer. Set weekly goals that work toward completing a monthly goal to keep yourself motivated.

No matter how obese or out of shape you think you are, you can take steps to living a more enjoyable life, and LA Medical Retail is behind you every step of the way. Start your journey today!