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4 Helpful Accessories to Ease Life with a Mobility Aid

Posted on: September 19th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger
Experience a more convenient daily life with accessories for any mobility aid.

Experience a more convenient daily life with accessories for any mobility aid.

Living with a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane requires extra consideration in everyday life. Simply activities like going on a walk, using the restroom, and cooking a meal can become significantly more difficult. Whether a person lives alone, with a family member or caregiver, one of the best ways to keep them as safe as possible and accommodate for their needs, is with products from LA Medical. We are happy to help anyone in need and are confident you will find useful accessories with LA Medical.

Oxygen Cylinder Caddy – For a wheelchair patient who uses an oxygen concentrator, they will be able to attach the cylinder to the chair with the oxygen cylinder caddy and get from one place to the next easier. Experience more freedom and enjoy the great outdoors!

Universal Cup Holder – Are you planning a trip to the park or a day at the beach? With a cup holder that easily attaches to any wheelchair, rollator, or wheeled walker, you will always have a drink close by.

Wheelchair Tray – Eating, reading, and card games can all be done easier with a wheelchair tray. Take the wheelchair to family gatherings or social events and don’t worry about fitting under a table or finding an accessible flat surface.

Chart Carry Pocket – Whether you need to carry medications, a computer, or snacks, they can be transported in this bag that attaches to the back of any wheelchair.

Bathroom safety is an important consideration to make in the home of any elder or mobility aid user. They may experience more difficulty getting in and out of a tub, standing in a shower, or using the toilet. It is imperative that every room of the house is provided with safety supplies to make it accommodating. Common bathroom safety items are: a folding seat commode, tub rail, bath seat, and a transfer bench. These and many more can provide a person with confidence when living independently.

LA Medical hopes to ease the worries you may have during day to day activities or knowing your loved one is living alone or with little assistance. If you see a need for any of these products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and order yours today.

Rollators: An Evolved Walker

Posted on: April 17th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

The rollatoris basically an evolved walker for individuals with good grip strength looking for more versatility.  With its many features and functions, it is no surprise to me that the rollator has become a customer favorite in the walking aid family.   Let’s examine the many reasons customers are choosing the rollator as their walking aid of choice.

One major benefit when using the rollator is more movement.  When using a walker, individuals must lift the walker and place it forward and then step up to the walker, then repeat.  With a rollator, you simply continue walking forward using the rollator for support and squeezing the hand brakes when you wish to stop.

Another benefit is the comfortable seat, which has two functions.  The first function is to allow the user to sit and rest when tired.  The second function of the seat allows the rollator to become a wheelchair.  When the user is with another individual, the user can sit on the seat and allow their friend to push them in the rollator.

With rollators, you have several options in number of wheels.  There is a three-wheel option which is chosen when the user has narrow halls or doorways that their rollator must fit through.  The most common option is the 4-wheel rollator, but rollators are also available in 6 and 8 wheel designs.

As with all walking aids, accessories including basket attachments for your personal belongings are available.

Do you or a loved one use a rollator?  We’d love to hear your input on rollators!