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A Transfer System That Helps Aid Your Bathing Needs

Posted on: May 1st, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger


A Transfer System That Helps Aid Your Bathing Needs

LA Medical works with different companies that specialize in bathroom safety equipment to allow you to easily navigate your bathroom or shower room without causing another accident or injury.  Read below why bathroom safety equipment helps you slide your way into the tub or shower safely and easily.

Bathroom safety equipment comes in all shapes, sizes and uses from grab bars to help get out of the bath or shower or raised toilet seats with handles to custom shower chairs.  The most common way to take a bath or shower is to have a chair that allows you to slide into the bathtub or shower with ease.

One of LA Medical’s best sellers is the Drive Bath or Shower Transfer System.   This transfer system allows the occupant to slide from inside and outside of the cleaning area.  The seat is on a rolling frame and the seat can be configured to fit the individual’s bathing or postural needs and the frame can be customized for the bathroom environment.

Many benefits come with the Drive Bathing Transfer System for you or a loved one:

  • Able to fit in smaller bathrooms, like mobile home or apartments
  • Reduces the amount of extra equipment in your bathroom
  • Feel completely secure transferring from in or out of cleaning area
  • Available with different recline positions and chair locks
  • Available with accessories like head support, foot and arm rests, trays and anti-tippers

LA Medical wants you or someone you know who may have special needs to be able to bathe and clean up with no headaches or complications in-between.  Let us help you get started with your bathroom equipment today and contact us with any questions!

See LA Medical for other bathroom safety equipment ranging from toilet commodes, sturdy grab bars or other shower chairs.

LA Medical Retail: Dropping Prices Left and Right

Posted on: February 7th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that we are making some MAJOR adjustments on pricing.  Our new pricing is extremely competitive and in some cases, even below the LOWEST price we found online.  Here is our most recent price drops, but keep an eye out for more low prices to come!

Power Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters:

Our Streamer Sport Power Chair with Captain Seat is retailing for $1,600 online, but our special price is $1,429.99, a savings of $170!

The sleek Invacare Lynx Scooter retails at $1,395.00.  Our price available to you now is $778.99.  Choose from red or blue, 4-wheel or 3-wheel!

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Our Cruiser III-Lightweight, Dual Axle Wheelchair is on sale for $177.99.  Regular price is $447.20.  Available options include elevating leg rests, seat belt, universal oxygen holder, 8” wheel lock extension, anti-tipper with wheels and a seat/back cushion combo.

Wheelchair Ramps

The easy-to-use Trifold Ramp normally retails for $650 and is featured on our website for only $315.99.  If you need better wheelchair access in your home, take advantage of the special price on this sturdy, longer, skid-resistant wheelchair ramp.

Bath Safety

This Drop-Arm Commode Deluxe with Padded Seat K.D. is normally offered at $268.16 by our competitors, but we are selling it for only $143.99.

Our most affordable bath bench is the CareGuard Tool-less Shower Chair for only $32.99, normally priced at $52.99.  This is a perfect option for rehab patients or caregiving homes.

The Locking Elevated Toilet Seat retails at $59.67, but our price is $33.99 for a savings of $25.68.  In today’s economy, we need all the savings we can get.  This raised toilet seat is a must-have for your aging loved ones who no longer have the leg strength to easily get on and off the toilet safely.

Don’t see what you need?  Let us know!  We have more price drops to come so stay alert, stay safe and come back soon!

Talking About Toilet Safety

Posted on: January 27th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

“Like sitting on a real throne,” says Kate.  Visits to grandma’s house are always entertaining with a little one.  My little one was in wonderment last Saturday, when using grandma’s safety-enhanced bathroom with the raised toilet seat and toilet safety rails that Kate says makes her feel like royalty when she uses it.

This instance reminded me that unless you’re around home medical equipment or nursing homes, most of the population doesn’t know the facts about toilet safety equipment until they have an immediate need for them.  Here it goes…

Elevated or Raised Toilet Seats

This high structure atop a toilet seat prevents the user from having to sit at a 90 degree angle or in some toilet designs, even lower.  With a user with any leg instability at all, standing from sitting on a low toilet can be very difficult.  At LA Medical Retail, we offer an elevated toilet seat that locks to the toilet for maximum safety and also a basic raised toilet seat that can easily put on and off the toilet.

With Tool Free Arms

Some of our elevated toilet seats come with metal arms that can be easily removed if unneeded.

Toilet Safety Frame

A popular bathroom safety product at LA Medical Retail is the toilet safety frame that customers either choose in addition to their raised toilet seat for added safety or instead of the raised toilet seat.  The safety frame attaches to the frame of the toilet to offer full support to the user when pulling up off the toilet.

Toilet Safety Rail

For minimal installation of hand rails, some customers choose the stand alone toilet safety rail.  This railing option fits around the base of the toilet and includes padded armrests and a magazine rack.

Do you have any of these products in your bathroom or have you used them at a friend’s house?  Let us know what you think!