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4 Helpful Accessories to Ease Life with a Mobility Aid

Posted on: September 19th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger
Experience a more convenient daily life with accessories for any mobility aid.

Experience a more convenient daily life with accessories for any mobility aid.

Living with a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane requires extra consideration in everyday life. Simply activities like going on a walk, using the restroom, and cooking a meal can become significantly more difficult. Whether a person lives alone, with a family member or caregiver, one of the best ways to keep them as safe as possible and accommodate for their needs, is with products from LA Medical. We are happy to help anyone in need and are confident you will find useful accessories with LA Medical.

Oxygen Cylinder Caddy – For a wheelchair patient who uses an oxygen concentrator, they will be able to attach the cylinder to the chair with the oxygen cylinder caddy and get from one place to the next easier. Experience more freedom and enjoy the great outdoors!

Universal Cup Holder – Are you planning a trip to the park or a day at the beach? With a cup holder that easily attaches to any wheelchair, rollator, or wheeled walker, you will always have a drink close by.

Wheelchair Tray – Eating, reading, and card games can all be done easier with a wheelchair tray. Take the wheelchair to family gatherings or social events and don’t worry about fitting under a table or finding an accessible flat surface.

Chart Carry Pocket – Whether you need to carry medications, a computer, or snacks, they can be transported in this bag that attaches to the back of any wheelchair.

Bathroom safety is an important consideration to make in the home of any elder or mobility aid user. They may experience more difficulty getting in and out of a tub, standing in a shower, or using the toilet. It is imperative that every room of the house is provided with safety supplies to make it accommodating. Common bathroom safety items are: a folding seat commode, tub rail, bath seat, and a transfer bench. These and many more can provide a person with confidence when living independently.

LA Medical hopes to ease the worries you may have during day to day activities or knowing your loved one is living alone or with little assistance. If you see a need for any of these products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and order yours today.

Caring for a Child with Special Needs- Part 1

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger


Caring for a Child with Special Needs- Part 1

LA Medical talks to parents of special needs children every day. We have compiled a list of some of the best advice from those parents and want to share them with you now.

Remember that children with special needs are, first and foremost, still children. It’s easy to get so into the diagnosis and medical terms, doctor’s appointments and specialists that we can forget that the child is just that: a child. People outside the family may need this reminder too. Like every child, they need love, friends, interaction, playmates, involvement and time to just be a kid.

There are resources out there; sometimes you just have to ask. Whether you are new to parenting a special needs child or have many years of experience, there are always new discoveries, treatment options and information out there. Stay in touch with these resources online, by meetings or one-on-one with the people who are current on these things.

Be a resource. They always say that you don’t really know how much you know about something until you teach it to another person. If you have wisdom and experience about raising your child, share it. If you have jumped hurdles and fought a battle with a school district, help someone new to the challenge. You’ll be surprised with how much of a resource you are!

Your life is not all about your child’s disability. That can be a hard one to admit for many parents. All of the appointments, doctor visits and information about their needs can make it easy to forget that you are a person too. You have a name, a history, talents and interests outside of your child’s needs. Just like we say to remember that a child with a disability is a child first; remember that a parent of a child with a disability is a person first and needs to be cared for too.

Let LA Medical be a resource for you when you are looking for wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions and for many other items that you need. More important tips are on the way!

Wheelchair Accessories: Put Some Bling on that Thing!

Posted on: March 7th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

We love to accessorize. Earrings and bracelets, ties and cufflinks, cases for our phones and computers, spoilers on our cars; you name it, we love accessorize it. What about your wheelchair, walker or mobility scooter? LA Medical can help you find just the right accessories in our store or in our online catalog. These accessories can add comfort, convenience and safety. How can you accessorize your walker, scooter or wheelchair today?

Wheelchair accessories are an easy way to bring more function to your wheelchair.

Wheelchair accessories are an easy way to bring more function to your wheelchair.

We all have a lot of stuff and if you need a place to hold your stuff, LA Medical has pouches, saddle bags and baskets perfect for your wheelchair and walker.  They attach securely and keep your belongings safe and at your fingertips.

Keep your hands free and your drink safe with a cup holder specially made for walkers, wheelchairs and bed rails. Stay hydrated and spill free with these cleaver cup holders.

If you use oxygen and a wheelchair, you know how hard it can be to use both together.  We carry several oxygen holders to keep your oxygen safe and going everywhere you go.  We have devices for carrying canes and IV poles too.

Cushions are probably the most important accessory for any wheelchair user.  Having the right cushion and having it in good shape is more than just for looks; it’s crucial for comfort, safety and skin health. Improper cushions can cause pressure sores which, if left untreated, can lead to major infections, amputations, and death.  LA Medical carries a variety of wheelchair cushions in gel and foam varieties to fit wheelchairs of every make and size. We have cushions for added lumbar and back support too.

If you’re tired of bouncing through doorways in your wheelchair or having to have assistance to move up small steps, LA Medical carries a variety of ramps perfect for the job.  Lightweight and easy to install, these ramps will increase your comfort and independence immediately.

Stop in and see us today and let our experts show you some of the great accessories LA Medical has waiting for you. We know that a satisfied smile is the best accessory of all.

Comfort and Support for Your Wheelchair

Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

Wheelchairs or power chairs may be a necessity of life for some of us, and while most of them now are made with a degree of comfort built in, the padding or seat shape wears down over time. This can create more pressure on our lower backs, as well as contact bruises or sores. However, one way to improve the comfort of your wheelchair or power chair and the support that it gives your back is to invest in a wheelchair seat cushion.

Most cushions are made with a foam or gel interior or are inflated with air to distribute your weight evenly across the seat to prevent bruises and sores, provide greater comfort and lessen seating fatigue.  Here are the benefits/drawbacks of each type of cushion and what they are best suited for:

  • Foam cushionsbest for those wanting a simple, low-cost option. Its main benefits are that it is inexpensive, provides a very stable seating surface, low maintenance and is light weight for easy transport. However, foam cushions don’t provide much in the way of pressure relief or positioning.
  • Gel cushions using a gel pack to “immerse” pressure points, gel cushions provide ideal pressure relief, are very stable and are most often contoured for better positioning. They are heavier, however, and also more expensive.
  • Air cushionsthe big benefit with air cushions is that since they are adjustable by simply adding or letting out air, the firmness of the cushion can be easily changed for ideal comfort. Like gel cushions they also provide great pressure relief. On the other hand, air cushions are high maintenance because of the risks for leaks. They are also a more expensive option.

Because they are used daily, cushions have a life span of two to three years and should be replaced in that time to prevent back or leg injuries. Also, matching the size of the cushion to the wheelchair size is crucial to avoid movement or slippage of the cushion that negates the benefits it provides. These benefits can result in a healthier body and more positive outlook o life in a wheelchair.  Come to LA Medical Retail for a wheelchair cushion today!

Wheelchair and Scooter Attachments: Accessorize your ride!

Posted on: December 20th, 2011 by LAMedicalBlogger

It’s time to enhance the look and function of your wheelchair or scooter.  Take a look at these simple items that add convenience and safety to your ride without the expense of a new chair.  Whether you need more compartments to carry your wallet or cell phone or need protection from the sun, there is an attachment for you.  Check out these attachments:

Wheelchair Bags, Totes, Hanging Pouches

Take your pick of carrier to hang from your wheelchair or scooter.  There is the Nova Mobility Saddle Bag that comes in a variety of patterns to fit your personality and is great for holding keys, cell phones, medication, magazines and more.  We also have a simple Scooter Arm Tote which has one zippered pocket and one mesh pocket with Velcro closure.  Our Nova Hanging Pouch has a large zippered pouch and multiple pockets.  Any of these bags are great solutions for you or your loved one to safely carry items while navigating your wheelchair or scooter.

Cup Holders and Cane Holders

Check out the Nova Adjustable Cup Holder or Nova Cane Holder.  The cup holder conveniently secures to the side of your wheelchair or scooter and when you want to use it just push the base down to reveal an adjustable drink holder.  Your cane holder fastens to the side of your wheelchair or scooter and holds most cane sizes securely.

Sun Shade

Our sun shade fits all Drive electric scooters and Sunfire Plus power wheelchairs.  It is easy to install and provides maximum protection from the sun.  The sun shade is perfect for the scooter or wheelchair user that loves to spend a lot of time outside, in the open.

Make life easier for yourself or your loved one with these simple additions that fit most mobility devices.  If you are interested in the function of any of these wheelchair and scooter accessories, just give us a call or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you shortly.