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Take it To the Next Level

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

You’ve already taken steps to make sure that your life in your wheelchair hasn’t been one of limited activity or boredom. You stay as active as you can, going for long rides and exercising a couple of times a week. But you find yourself wanting to do more, wanting to train for something in particular, something to get your competitive juices flowing.

There are a lot of sports available in the Los Angeles area and throughout California for those in wheelchairs. The sports offered include basketball, football, track and field, tennis, golf, volleyball, skiing and rugby.

The United States Tennis Association provides instruction for those wanting to get involved with recreational or competitive tennis through their Southern California branch located here in Los Angeles. The National Wheelchair Basketball Association also has a league in southern California called the Southern California Wheelchair Ball Association with teams in Cypress, Northridge, San Diego and more.

For those interested in other sports, the Far West Wheelchair Athletic Association offers track and field, swimming, archery and more. The Far West region consists of California, Nevada and Arizona and events take place both locally and on the regional level.

Becoming a part of one of these organizations is beneficial on a couple levels. For one, it gets you into competition and keeps you in good shape. It also allows you to interact with other wheelchair athletes to learn and hear about their experiences, resulting in lifelong friendships and contacts. We hope you join one of these groups and begin to experience the benefits they have to offer.

For when you’re not on the court, LA Medical Retail carries high quality wheelchairs to get you from place to place comfortably and reliably. Now get out there and get competitive!

Maintaining a Healthy Life with Low Mobility

Posted on: July 31st, 2012 by LAMedicalBlogger

We are currently in a fitness trendy country following the national attention the obesity epidemic in this country was given. However, all the fitness trends and infomercials you see on television are all geared toward those with full mobility. Disabled persons who depend on wheelchairs or other mobility devices are even more likely to become obese than those who don’t, and they are just as likely to develop medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and blood clots.

That’s why developing a fitness routine if you are a wheelchair user can help you stave off medical conditions, obesity and decreased mobility. The key here is to not jump in too fast and bust out the heavy weights. That’s an easy way to injure yourself and prevent you from working out for even longer. The following is a basic approach to starting an exercise program.

Start with a transitional phase; your body needs time to adjust to doing work again. Use only your bodyweight in doing simple, repetitive tasks, such as lifting your arms from the side of your wheelchair so they form a “T” with your torso. Be sure to put an emphasis on using the correct form as this helps build muscle strength and endurance correctly.

After you become used to bodyweight exercises you can begin using lighter free weights or a resistance band to begin to build and tone muscle. Resistance bands and lower weight free weights are relatively inexpensive, and medicine balls can be used for a variety of workouts. Be sure to leave a day of rest between your workouts and never work the same muscles two workouts in a row.

For more information and specific workouts, go to You should be able to see the benefit of these workouts when getting into and out of your wheelchair because they should help build functional strength and lead to a healthier you.

A New Year…for Wheelchair Fitness

Posted on: December 29th, 2011 by LAMedicalBlogger

Happy New Year!  There is nothing like a good New Year’s resolution to get you motivated for 2012!  If your resolution is to be healthier, but you don’t quite know the best ways while confined to a wheelchair, read on.  You need to remember that exercise is a huge part of your health and well being no matter what your physical abilities are.


Your workouts will mainly consist of resistance training, strength training and stretching.  Resistance training is done using a resistance band attached to a door or solid stationary object to complete arm and leg extensions and rowing.  While strength training is an exercise using weights or your own body weight such as wheelchair pushups.  Stretching is very important to warm up and cool down your muscles as well as improve flexibility.


With regular strength and resistance training, you will notice your flexibility, mobility and strength is improving.  At the same time, you are strengthening your lungs and heart while controlling your weight.  You will be able to transfer in and out of your wheelchair easier and have more muscle bulk to avoid injuries.

Wheelchair Sports

If workouts really aren’t appealing to you, there is a large

offering of wheelchair sports available in the LA area that will get you connected to other wheelchair fitness enthusiasts such as yourself and get you in shape faster than you would expect.

If you dig, you will find that there are many wheelchair sport clubs available including basketball, football, track and field, tennis, golf, volleyball, skiing and even rugby.  My personal favorite is Wheelchair Tennis.  The United States Tennis Association is very involved in teaching wheelchair tennis in Southern California and holding tournaments for the competitive wheelchair athletes.

Ways to get involved:

National Wheelchair Sports

Wheelchair Tennis in Southern California