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National Women’s Fitness Day – Part 2

Posted on: September 12th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

National Women’s Fitness Day is Wednesday, September 25 to promote the fitness and health of women everywhere. The health and home medical equipment experts at LA Medical talk about health with customers all day. Many times people are talking to us because their health has taken a turn for the worse and they need the products we carry to make up for those losses.

LA Medical wants to do more than provide the walkers, wheelchairs and other equipment that our customers need; we want to keep you educated on better health.

The obesity epidemic is on the rise all over our state and the whole country. While being a few pounds overweight may not mean you are not fit, gaining too much weight without an increase in muscle can lead to a lower fitness level and many other health issues.

So what can you do to maintain or increase your own fitness level?

Get a physical. Talk to your doctor and get a baseline of your health. Simple blood tests can tell you about your cholesterol, blood sugars, diabetes risk and many other risks. They can check your BMI/weight body mass index, your blood pressure and overall functioning. These numbers will be helpful in the months and years to come as you (hopefully) get them to better results.

How will you achieve those results?

Find healthy activities that you will enjoy enough to keep doing them.

What activities would you like to do that you have never tried? Tennis or golf? What about hiking or water aerobics? This is your chance.

Start small. Set a few reasonable and manageable goals. Write them down. “I will walk 3 days per week for 30 minutes,” “I will not eat anything after 7pm each night,” “I will watch no more than one hour of TV per night.” You pick what will work for you, but keep it reasonable. Don’t swear off sweets forever and plan to walk 7 days a week; that will set you up for failure.

Take the first step to better fitness today; LA Medical is behind you all the way!

Women's Fitness 2

National Women’s Fitness Day- Part 1

Posted on: September 10th, 2013 by LAMedicalBlogger

National Women's Fitness Day 1What does “fitness” mean to you? Would you consider yourself a fit person?  National Women’s Fitness Day is Wednesday, September 25. Many communities having programs and classes about women’s fitness to inform women about fitness and offer options to get more fit. What is happening in your community?  What about in your workplace or neighborhood? What about in your house? In other words, what are you doing about your own fitness?

LA Medical does more than sell bath safety and incontinence supplies; we care for the whole person and their health.

Fitness level and fitness goals are going to be different for every woman at every age.

As a younger person, fitness may be all about looking good in jeans or a bathing suit. That really isn’t true fitness, that’s more about appearance.

As start a family, fitness may be about keeping up with active toddlers and children.

In middle-age it can mean getting through the work day without being tired and with enough stamina to get it all done.

In our older years, fitness may mean being able to enjoy our retirement years and the activities we enjoy successfully and safely.

Women also start to lose bone density after age 40 and it worsens as they age. This loss of fitness and bone density can result in dangerous falls.  A broken hip is a common concern for older women and can be greatly avoided by an increase in a person’s fitness.

Being thin does not equal being fit nor does been a few pounds overweight or having a larger body type mean that you are not fit. Fitness is truly having the strength and energy to get through the activities you need to everyday and being able to recover from strenuous activities successfully.

What are some ways that you can increase your fitness at any age and at any level? LA Medical will have some common sense tips and tricks next time.