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What Yoga Can Do for You: How and Why to Practice Today

Posted on: September 29th, 2014 by LAMedicalBlogger
Yoga is designed for people of any age at any level of ability.

Yoga is designed for people of any age at any level of ability.

Before written history was made, people were practicing yoga. It is a physical and mental exercise that connects the mind and body. Yoga emphasizes the connection between exercise, breathing, and meditation. With countless books, videos, and instructors teaching yoga, it is easy to find a type that works for you. LA Medical encourages you to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. Whether you like biking, running, or weight lifting, physical activity is important to maintain a strong and healthy body. LA Medical has medical and safety supplies to help you or a loved one perform daily activities.

Common types of yoga:

Hatha Yoga – The word “hatha” means willful or forceful. It combines movement, posture, and breathing and aims to align the muscles, bones, and skin. It is a combination of postures that are designed to open the body and allow energy to freely flow. It is a very common type of yoga and can be found for people with different levels of experience.

Raja Yoga – It emphasizes the importance of meditation and self-realization. Raja yoga is sometimes referred to as “Yoga of the Mind” because it focuses on the awareness of the mind. It incorporates exercise and meditation and aims for creating a well-rounded person.

Jnana Yoga –It focuses on a path of intellect through the scripture and text of the yoga tradition and is appealing to those who are dedicated to studying and have a deeper intellect. It is known as the most difficult type of yoga.

There are many other types of yoga that offer different emphasis and challenge a person in unique ways. Whether a body is 20 or 60 years old, it can reap the many health benefits yoga has to offer.

Stress & Sleep – Many sleep issues are directly related to anxiety. Many people have trouble falling asleep because their mind can’t slow down and they have trouble relaxing. Yoga helps to slow the mind and body and focus on the here and now.

Mindfulness – Being mindful will help a person understand why they do what they do. Many people eat based on positive or negative emotions. By being aware of the connection between mind and body, you will be more mindful when eating and not let emotions control your behavior. When cravings strike, you will have increased awareness and be able to fight impulses. This can lead to healthier eating decisions and increase the overall health of a person.

Immunity – A study done in Norwegian found that yoga boosts immunity at a cellular level. Because yoga increases health and circulation, the immunity of an individual increases and helps to fight illnesses.

These are just a few benefits that are gained through yoga. Every person experiences it in a different way and will find which type works best for them. LA Medical values your health and we hope you take steps to improve it.  Through diet and exercise you are sure to look and feel your best. Don’t hesitate to contact LA Medical any questions or concerns!