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Safe Spring Cleaning

Posted on: April 26th, 2015 by vgmforbin
If you are getting ready to deep clean your home, we have solutions to keep you safe.

If you are getting ready to deep clean your home, we have solutions to keep you safe.

Leo Tolstoy once said, “Spring is the time of plans and projects”. The fresh air of spring often inspires us to start working our way down the to-do list that built up all winter. But before you jump into any of those spring projects, think ahead and use caution to make sure that you don’t start spring with an injury. We have some tips to keep you safe while you get active this month.

Dress appropriately – If you start working when it is still chilly, you may warm up as the day goes on. If you get too warm, you may get dizzy and fall. Dress comfortably in layers that can be removed as needed.

Schedule a shorter day – While it is satisfying to knock out a big project in just a day, it could take another three days to recover! Set a time limit for yourself. Just a couple hours each day might be plenty to start with. Be sure to take breaks too!

Chairs are for sitting – Don’t stand on chairs to reach higher surfaces. Use a step stool with a handle if you are fully able to and have someone else there that can help you up and down. A simple reacher can also help you grab objects that are too high or low for you to safely grab them. If you are working on a lower project, sit down. It will save your back and feet, plus it is easier to get out of a chair than up from the ground!

Before starting any major DIY projects, ask yourself if it really needs to be done. Many of us think that we need a spotless home and yard but it is ok to not be perfect. It is always better to have a safer and happier home than a clean one. LA Medical offers different safety products that can be used in the home to prevent accidents. Check out our online catalog for solutions!